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  • To provide a full range of production lines of molded pulp products

    Molded pulp products made of waste paper or pulp board are widely recognized as environment-friendly packaged products in the world and has been used in the fields as below

  • Molded pulp products strengths and weaknesses

    Modern packaging commonly used paper, plastic, glass, ceramic, metal as a packaging material, due to the cheap paper and plastic prices ease of processing, and a wide range of sources of raw materials, so the paper and plastic packaging materials in everyday ...[

  • Development of the status quo at home and abroad pulp molding

    A foreign pulp molding development overview Paper has become a worldwide large industrial industries. A variety of paper and paper products deep into all aspects of people's lives, pulp molding products are also able to develop such an environment, some devel...[

  • Plastic packaging materials development trends

    Like Xiao Bian often introduced to the egg tray machine is food packaging machinery industry, its raw material mostly paper class. But with the development of economic life, the importance of packaging is also valued by businesses, such as supermarket and oth...[